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Summer 2022 WORKSHOPS

Join us at Storybook Theatre for a summer filled with acting camps, performance opportunities, artistic creativity, and more.

Spaces in each class/camp are limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Register early to save your spot.

Students are welcome to sign up for multiple camps, productions, and classes! Please contact us if you would like to register for multiple classes and setup a payment plan.

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Theatre Arts Workshops


$60 per workshop, or $150 for any three.


Join us for fun, two-day workshops to build skills and make friends, all summer long! Each workshop is from 1-4pm. 

Stage Combat - May 23-24, June 27-28

Students will be able to test their limits in this two-day workshop covering the basics of tumbling, stage combat, and other stunt work. They will learn how to safely execute individual actions (such as falls, rolls, somersaults, tripods, handstands, and cartwheels) as well as partner-based actions (such as pushes, slaps, punches, chokes-holds, kicks, and hair-pulls). The workshop will end with a skills showcase, in which the students will demonstrate their new capabilities through rehearsed combat sequences.

May 23-24: Register here.
June 27-28: Register here.

Monologues - June 6-7

This two-day workshop will enable students to delve into the art of developing a character and will prepare them for future auditions through the practice of presenting a monologue. Students will discuss basic prep-work, explore the intentions behind their words, and sharpen their overall delivery skills. 

Note: Monologues will be provided prior to the workshop dates in order to give students time to select a piece and familiarize themselves with the text. Register here.

Set Design - July 5-6

Want to help create props and set pieces for a Storybook production? This is your opportunity! Participants will jump right in with hands-on projects for The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza and Disney's The Aristocats. You'll be able to be part of the creative team as we work collaboratively to design elements for each show. Each student in this workshop will receive a voucher for two free tickets to come see their work in action on stage! Register here.


Musical Theatre Dance - July 18-19

If you want a lazy summer, this is NOT the workshop for you! Get ready to dance your heart out to some Broadway favorites with Miss Stephanie, our choreographer. We will work on dance pieces in multiple styles to give students an idea of what it's like to perform in different genres. Register here


Improv - August 15-16

Improvisation, or the art of thinking on your feet, is a very important part of theatre! This two-day workshop will help students learn to trust their own instincts, to say “yes, and” to their fellow actors, and to build a strong stage presence, all without the guidance of a script. Everything the students encounter will be new, created in the moment through the help of warm-ups and various improv games. No prior experience is required - just come with an open mind and be ready to embrace the fun! Register here.

Open to ages 10-18 (students will be divided into peer groups as needed)

Find all summer options here

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