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About Storybook

Storybook Theatre is an arts education program serving students ages 4-18 in the Kansas City metropoliltan area. Storybook's students come from all over the metro to our Blue Springs studio location.

Storybook offers acting classes, performance opportunities (where every actor or actress receives a speaking role), preschool acting lessons, and much much more. Our studio is always expanding based on the demand for new class types - check back often to see what we've added to the lineup!  

You can also sign up for Storybook Theatre's Email List to receive new class information as soon as it is available!

"Both of my kids just adore Miss Julie and Storybook. They have learned so much with the small casts and more one-on-one time with their director. It's like an extended family for them. I recommend Storybook for any child interested in theatre." -HeatherAnne, mom of Jasper and Risa

Meet Storybook's Director


Julie Baum has been the owner and director of Storybook Theatre since 2005. Formerly known as AGDT, Storybook was originally created as a homeschool enrichment program that with unprecedented growth turned into a full-time studio operation. Julie has directed 185+ productions for Storybook, as well as directed and worked on multiple theatrical productions in the local community. Julie's passion is to make sure that each student who walks through Storybook's studio door feels that they are an important part of the classes and shows that they participate in - and that they will always remember their time at Storybook as something truly magical. 

Julie lives in Lees Summit with her amazing husband, two spectacular kids and a small army of needy cats. When she's not teaching, she can usually be found plotting world travels, singing with the car windows rolled down, eating pie, collecting ridiculously oversized earrings or making costumes in the middle of the night.

Contact Julie -

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