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Alice in wonderland

Storybook theatre summer 2019 production

Alice in Wonderland Callbacks

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for auditioning for Alice in Wonderland at Storybook Theatre! 

We will be having callbacks from 6-9pm on Thursday 5/23 from 6-9pm. If your name is on the list below, we'd like to see you read at callbacks! It's possible that we will be done prior to 9pm - if you are dropping your kids off for callbacks, please leave us a number to text you if we anticipate ending early. If you are reading for 1-2 characters, you likely will not need to be there the whole time. 

If your name is NOT on the list - it does not mean you are not in the cast! Watch for the cast list on Friday morning. 

If you have any other conflicts that were not mentioned on your forms at registration or auditions, PLEASE LET US KNOW AT CALLBACKS. 

Callback List

Kalyssa, Rebekah, Risa, Melanie

Risa, Brookelynn, Grace, David, Joseph, Melanie, Rebekah

David, Gentry, Cyrus, Melanie, Dagny, Maylee


Emeley, Dagny, Risa, Maylee, Rebekah

Brookelynn, Emeley, Grace, Kalyssa

Drew, David, Haydan, Cyrus, Joseph

Joseph, Noelle, David, Emeley, Cyrus, Kalyssa, Dagny, Sydney, Dalton

Risa, Cyrus, Drew, Sydney, Dalton, Maylee, Joseph, Emeley, Haydan

Risa, Grace, Noelle, Dagny, Joseph, Rebekah

Haydan, Risa, Emeley, Grace, Drew

Brookelynn, Drew, Grace, Noelle



Thank you, everyone! 

Please contact us with any questions: 
Julie McKinley - Storybook Director

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