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Storybook Kids PERFORMANCE Classes

Storybook Kids Classes are for ages 7-13.
If student's 7th birthday falls during the current semester, they are eligible to participate.
It is helpful for students to be able to read, but not required.

Available class times include: 
Tuesdays 7:00-8:15pm

View daytime class options on our Homeschool page.

Each time is for ONE production. Class commitment is one rehearsal a week (see below for exceptions)

Details for each production can be found below!


Each play performance class has rehearsal for 8 weeks. Musicals run for a longer number of weeks.
Please read full schedule of rehearsals and performances before registering.
Each student who registers will receive a speaking role in the production unless they specifically request otherwise.  

Registration will close when the maximum number of participants has been reached. 
Auditions on the first day of class will determine part distribution. 

No previous acting experience required to participate.
Students may participate in both a play and a musical if desired.
Performance day call time is 2.5 hours prior to performance.
Parents will be asked to help during tech week by running ticket/concession sales, providing supplies, and assisting as needed.

, acting classes for kids

Mamma Mia: 
The Secret of the Spoon

Tuesdays 7:00-8:15pm

Directed by

Julie McKinley

Classes begin:

November 15

Costume Day:

January 14


January 23 - 7pm
January 24 - 7pm

Time Period: Fantasy

Spaces in Class: 11 

Tuition: $150


Class & Performance Location:

The City House

14300 US Highway 40
Kansas City, MO 64136

Contact us to join wait list.

When Pastalucci matriarch and restaurant founder Nonni passes too soon at the age of 98, her grieving family is left to run the restaurant and continue serving up that famous dessert for which they’re so well known.  But they’re quickly in water hot enough to boil pasta when Nonni’s very special spoon goes missing!

Soon, the Pastaluccis’ legacy is in jeopardy as the family accuses one another of stealing, hiding, or misplacing the spoon — all while still serving a three-course meal to guests.  The Pastaluccis believe the secret to the famous tiramisu is in the spoon.  But will they find it before dessert is served?  Mamma mia!


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