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Storybook middle School Classes

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Storybook Performance Classes

Storybook Middle School Classes are for ages 11-14.
If student's 11th birthday falls during the current semester, they are eligible to participate.


Each performance class has rehearsal for 9 weeks.
Please read full schedule of rehearsals and performances before registering.
Each student who registers will receive a speaking role in the production unless they specifically request otherwise.  

Registration will close when the maximum number of participants has been reached. 
Auditions on the first day of class will determine part distribution. 

No previous acting experience required to participate.
Performance day call time is 2 hours prior to performance.
Parents will be asked to help during tech week by running ticket/concession sales, providing supplies, and assisting at the studio.

, acting classes for kids

The Bremen Town Musicians

Tuesdays 5:00-7:00pm

Classes begin:

March 24

Costume Day:
April 18


May 22 - 7:00pm
May 23 - 7:00pm

Time Period: Fantasy / Folk

Spaces in Class: 10

Tuition: $150


When the audience shows up to a rehearsal unexpectedly, the cast of "The Bremen Town Musicians" decides the show must go on even though opening night is a week away!  Actors scramble for found objects to serve as props and costume pieces while others worry about not knowing their lines.  Luckily, since the characters aren’t really musicians, the only music involved is a simple rhyme with stomping and clapping, and it doesn’t even have to be sung well!  The know-it-all squirrel narrator, Squire, bosses the others around while the vain bird Flinch gets his feathers — er, feather — ruffled when he keeps barging onstage demanding a part in the show!  The set and costumes are slowly "built" before our eyes as the play progresses.  The show gets on the road, but not without comedic speed bumps along the way!  The interruptions, squabbles and oversized egos don’t slow them down, they only make for more laughs!  With a little creativity and teamwork, the acting troupe pulls off the heartwarming story of four woebegone animals who find friendship, foil a gang of robbers and live happily ever after!

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