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Fall 2020 Classes Performances - in-person + virtual

Join us at Storybook Theatre in person for small-group, socially distanced classes.
Or, be part of a virtual class that you can participate in from home! 

Students will build acting skills and self-confidence, plus make lifelong memories when they enroll in our
theater education program, conveniently located in Blue Springs near Independence and Lees Summit. 

Spaces in each class are limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Register early to save your spot. 


summer19 4-7.jpg



Monday 5:00-5:45pm
Tuesday 12:00-12:45pm 

Classes begin week of September 27 and continue for 12 weeks. For in-person options, final class will feature showcase performance for parents/guardians.

$36 monthly (October/November/December) or $100 for full semester.

Want to try this class before you sign up for the whole semester? Register for a free trial class below. ​


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(ages 7-14)


Class begins week of September 27 and runs through week of November 8, with tentative performance on November 14. Virtual class performance will be released digitally by mid-December. See FAQ below for performance information. 

Tuesdays 1:30-2:45pm - Mamma Mia!
                                           The Secret of the Spoon

Thursdays 1:30-2:30pm - **VIRTUAL** Dr. Evil and                                              the Pigeons with Lasers

Thursdays 5:00-6:15pm - Goldilocks on Trial 



summer19 11-14.jpg

(ages 11-15)

Class begins week of September 27 and runs through week of November 8. Virtual class performance(s) will be released digitally by mid-December. See FAQ below for performance information. 

Virtual class will produce one or both of the listed shows, depending on number of enrolled students. Performance will be recorded via Zoom. 

Wednesdays 6:45-7:45pm - **VIRTUAL**
                                                Help Desk / Edge of Noir




summer19 14-18.jpg

(ages 14-18)

Class begins week of September 27 and runs through week of December 6 with tentative performance on December 11-12. Tech week details TBD at a later time, but for an in-person performance, rehearsals will likely be Mon-Thurs December 7-10. See FAQ below for performance information. 

Virtual class will produce one or both of the listed shows, depending on number of enrolled students. Performance will be recorded via Zoom. 

Wednesdays 6:45-7:45pm - **VIRTUAL**
                                                Help Desk / Edge of Noir
Thursdays 6:15-8:15pm WWII Radio Christmas 

Virtual Class: $160
In-Person Class: $225




Mamma Mia! The Secret of the Spoon (ages 7-14)
When Pastalucci matriarch and restaurant founder Nonni passes too soon at the age of 98, her grieving family is left to run the restaurant and continue serving up that famous dessert for which they’re so well known.  But they’re quickly in water hot enough to boil pasta when Nonni’s very special spoon goes missing!

Soon, the Pastaluccis’ legacy is in jeopardy as the family accuses one another of stealing, hiding, or misplacing the spoon — all while still serving a three-course meal to guests.  The Pastaluccis believe the secret to the famous tiramisu is in the spoon.  But will they find it before dessert is served?  Mamma mia!

Goldilocks on Trial (ages 7-14)

In this kooky spoof of TV courtroom dramas that’s perfect for younger actors and audiences, Amanda Marie Locks, known as Goldilocks or even “Goldie,” is on trial for breaking and entering and destruction of private property. 

A wide cast of fairytale characters serve as witnesses for the prosecuting and defense attorneys.  To hear the Bare family tell it, Goldie should be found guilty.  But an unscrupulous judge and a slew of unreliable witnesses — including a blind witch, a forgetful old woman who lives in a shoe, a dwarf with a nasty disposition, a skittish tuffet-tester, and a country boy so dumb he’d trade beans for a cow — make it hard to build a case against the gal with the golden hair. With so much conflicting testimony, no wonder the results are courtroom chaos!  The entire justice system is left in silly shambles in this slapstick one-act designed for laughs.

Dr. Evil and the Pigeons with Lasers (ages 7-14 virtual show)

At the monthly online meeting of the Council of Evil, the bumbling ne’er-do-well reveals his newest plans for world domination...  trained pigeons...  with lasers!  Having heard his hair-brained schemes before, Countess Gothma, Lord Warhammer, Archduchess Arsenica, and Prince Vladi practically laugh him out of the Zoom room! Undeterred, Dr. Evil unleashes his army of pigeons upon a rainy but repellant Seattle and a harsh, brash New Jersey, only to have his plans thwarted by unexpected events.  About to lose hope, the doc’s assistant and BFF, Shirley, encourages him to keep on trying.  But when the doctor sends his battalions to Garvin County, Oklahoma, he may finally have met his match in Josephine Esoteric and her army of tigers with jetpacks!

Help Desk (ages 11-15 in person; 11-18 virtual show)

When you call the help desk, you're looking for a solution - but your problems might just be beginning. Whether you're getting shamed about your inability to log in, giving your credit card information to a scammer, or having serious conversations with a clown, customer service calls spiral into absurdity for the customers and employees alike in this hilarious comedy.

The Edge of Noir (ages 11-18 virtual show)

When Velma “The Songbird” Tanager calls The Daily Oracular with a tip, night desk reporter Stirling “Rocky” Rockford suddenly finds himself on the big story he’s been waiting for:  Velma says she has information about the priceless Star of Skagway gem stolen that very afternoon in broad daylight!  But Velma doesn’t sing quite loud enough, so Rocky turns to private investigator Samantha Spade to help him decipher Velma’s tip and catch the gem thief. Samantha follows the trail and is soon in touch with local small-time con-man Shifty Weaselman, who promises to deliver a series of clues that will lead Samantha to the perp and put Rocky’s story above the front-page fold of the morning edition. This script is full of short monologues and split-screen style phone calls that pays homage to The Maltese Falcon and other 1940s films of the noir genre.

WWII Radio Christmas (ages 14-18)

This moving holiday show recreates the experience of attending a recording of a 1940s radio show broadcast on Christmas Eve during World War II. Using period songs and stories inspired by actual veterans, World War II Radio Christmas transports the audience to another time, brought to you by such generous sponsors as Vaseline Hair Tonic and Ipana Toothpaste. An inspiring look at strength in the face of hardship, this play is a reminder of the importance of coming together for the holidays.

Frequently asked questions

Will classes be socially-distanced?

Yes. Classes and productions have been specifically chosen to allow for social distancing both in the classroom setting and when staging. Class sizes at Storybook are always small and registration will be closed once we hit capacity for each of these. Keep in mind: this is still live theater and kids are still kids! If your family feels safer participating virtually, we understand! 

Will masks be required?

Yes, per Jackson County health guidelines, participants will need to wear a mask to and from classes and while engaging in any activities that are not sufficiently socially distanced. Our new space is shared and there will be dance students in the building during some of the times that we are holding classes. 

Can parents stay for classes?

Due to the need for social distancing, we encourage parents to drop off their students for classes. We will need to keep the room capacity from being over-extended. There will be seating available in the lobby area. Please limit the waiting parties to one person per family if at all possible. 

Where will classes take place?

All classes will take place at Kansas City Movement studio, 1100 NW Knox Street, Blue Springs, MO. This location is about 2.5 miles from our previous studio/theater space at 3719 SW US 40 Highway. 

Where will performances take place?

This is TBD at this time. Performances for Fall 2020 are subject to many details which are still being solidified: location, county guidelines, etc. Dates are given for tentative performances so that you can plan accordingly. However, please be aware when signing up that while our goal is an in-person performance with a live (albeit socially-distanced) audience, it may be necessary to conclude our productions in a different way such as livestream or a pre-recorded video stream. 

What happened to our old studio/theater?

Due to circumstances outside our control, it become apparent that this space was not a good long-term fit for our company. While we are sad to lose having "our own stage" for the moment, we are excited for future opportunities to grow in bigger and better ways! 

Can I participate in an in-person class AND a virtual class?

YES! Absolutely!

What's your refund policy?
Students who begin a multiple-week class or production and are not able to attend a portion or a remainder of the class will unfortunately not receive a refund or makeup session. In the event that Storybook Theatre cancels a class during the session due to unforeseen circumstances, every effort will be made to provide a make-up session or studio credit to offset the fee. If the minimum number of students is not reached for your class and you are not able to transfer to a different class time, a full refund will be given. 

What happens in the case of the CDC or a local county health guideline limiting our ability to hold a class or show? 
Every effort will be made to continue our classes and productions in a manner that meets the guidelines. In the case of an event or mandate that restricts this, the classes or productions will be postponed until classes can resume or continued virtually. 

When is Costume Day? 
This is to be determined! 

I paid for a class in Spring 2020 but did not participate in the virtual semester that replaced my class. Can I use class credit toward one of these productions? 
Likely, yes. Contact Julie to discuss your specific class registration and we will go from there! 816.204.5702 or 



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