Storybook Theatre Parent Volunteer Policies

Before enrolling a student in a Storybook class, parents and students, please read through the following policies. You must sign and return a parent commitment form to your child's first rehearsal.

Class Enrollment

Once your online registration is submitted, within approximately 24 hours you will receive an email confirming a space in the class is being held open for your student. You have 3 days after the email is sent to submit full payment to Storybook Theatre. Registration is not complete until payment is received. In the event that payment has not been received by the end of the 3rd day, then your student will forfeit their space in the class. Acceptable payment methods include:
  • PayPal Invoice 
  • Square Invoice
  • Check
  • Cash

If paying by check/cash, your payment must be delivered to Storybook Theatre within the 3 day time frame. Instructions for submitting payment will be included in your confirmation email.

You will receive an email with a “packet” of information upon completed registration. Included in this packet will be the following forms:

  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Parent Volunteer Commitment
  • Photo Release
  • T-shirt Order Form
  • Bio Form (with example)
  • Liability Waiver

These signed forms are due at the first class, along with any necessary money (t-shirt/sweatshirt orders, etc). Note: there will no longer be later opportunities to order a t-shirt.

Lines and Rehearsals
Please make memorizing lines and attending rehearsals a priority! It is essential that cast members make every effort to memorize lines by the due date and attend rehearsals, especially in the last two weeks before the show. Each show will only be as good as the effort everyone puts into it. Your fellow cast members are counting on you!

Summer Camp Volunteer Requirements
Each student must have one parent or guardian commit to 1 hour of volunteer time for each week that they participate in Storybook Theatre camp. Most tasks will take place during strike following the production at the end of the week.

Summer Camp Volunteer Form (coming soon)

Full Production (8+ week class) Requirements
Mark your calendars now! Cast and/or parents are required to help move into the church on the Sunday evening before performance and/or move out of the church during Strike following the Saturday production. Here are the requirements by class level: 

Ages 8-12 - One adult must assist with strike (moving out, tearing down set, cleaning the church) following the Saturday afternoon production (approximate 1-2 hour commitment).
Ages 13+ - Cast member plus one adult must assist with moving into the Storybook performance location on the Sunday evening prior to the performance (approximate 1-2 hour commitment).
Ages 15+ - Cast member/parent are expected to participate in both move in and strike.

Costume check in is required at the end of your final performance of the semester, wherein the costume will be inspected. Early check in of costumes before final performance will not be permitted. A $25 fee will be charged for any costume that has missing pieces or has not been well cared for. This will not be charged in cases of accidental damage - we know that costumes sometimes rip or break and we can tell the difference.

Parent Involvement

As Storybook Theatre continues to grow in size and production quality, the need for more parental involvement to make each show successful is increasingly evident. The goal is to have a volunteer policy that is reasonable and effective in accomplishing key tasks. Parent help with these tasks will free the director to spend more quality time teaching the students and allow production quality to continue to improve.

Each cast member is required to have a parent commit to volunteering 1-5 hours of time (varies based on age level and production type) to help with show details, either leading up to the performance or during performance weekend. These volunteer expectations are in addition to the requirements listed above for move-in and strike.

General expectations by age level: 
Ages 8-12 - 1 hour
Ages 13+ - 2 hours
Ages 15+ - 3-5 hours (varies based on the specific program) 

For high school level classes, the class Volunteer Coordinator will hold a short meeting during class on the first night of classes. Attendance by one parent is required at this meeting in order for the parents to meet and learn about available volunteer jobs.

You MUST sign and return the following form prior to your child being cast in a production: 

Kids Production Parent Form (class ages 8-12)
Teen Production Parent Form (class ages 13+)
High School Production Parent Form (class ages 15+)