The Miracle Worker Cast List

Hello everyone!

I am amazed at the amount of talent I saw this week at auditions and callbacks. THANK YOU sincerely for choosing to spend your time this semester with us at Storybook. I am confident that we are going to put together an incredible production. Thank you for the work that was put in before and during the audition process. You made my job both amazing and so difficult all at once. 

I know there will be a range of emotion upon reading this list - grand excitement and extreme disappointment alike. If you were not cast this time, please come back and audition for another Storybook production - or sign up for one of our regular performance classes (there are still a few spots left for fall). I wish I had had enough roles to give one to everyone who auditioned for this show! 

All that to say - I hope that you stick with Storybook and come back for another show even if you didn't get the role you wanted most in the world. I can't wait to put this production together with all of our very talented actors and actresses! 

The Miracle Worker Cast List: 
Annie - Molly Goetz
Kate - Elisabeth Nelson
Helen - Carolyn Wasson
Captain Keller - Samuel Spring
James - CJ Miller
Martha - Rebekah Nelson
Percy - Jasper Norbury
Aunt Ev - Torie Pascoe
Viney - Madison Robinett
Doctor / Anagnos - Kyle Hammond
Jimmie (dream scenes) - Risa Norbury
Blind Girls / Voices / Servants - Torie Pascoe, Rebekah Nelson, Grace Morgan, Haven Stone

Please email to accept or decline your role by Monday, 8/14! 
Our first rehearsal is on Monday, 8/21. There is a mandatory parent meeting from 6:30-7:00pm, followed by a read-through rehearsal (parents don't have to stay unless they want) from 7-9. If you want to pick up a script before 8/21, let me know and we can work out a time. 

Please also let me know if you have any questions!