Storybook Theatre Fall 2017 Class Registration

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Thank you all for your interest in Storybook Theatre classes in fall 2017! There are lots of class options below. Full class information was also sent via email to our mailing list. If you need the email, please contact me at A class summary and full schedule is below the registration form links.

Questions? You can contact Julie by email ( or phone (816.204.5702) anytime. Feel free to call or text.

Fall Class Registration Forms:

Little Stars / Rising Stars

Performance Classes for ages 8-12

Performance Classes for ages 13+

Audition Sign Up for The Miracle Worker (read more about the production HERE)

Teens: if you are interested in joining the Storybook Intern Team this fall, please apply here: Teen Intern Application. Interns should be at least 15 and have been involved in multiple past productions. More info can be found on the application. We would LOVE to have some new interns join us this semester.

If you are interested in signing up for American History Club, please fill out THIS FORM.

Registration info will be sent to those on these lists first.

Fall Schedule to assist with planning:
Monday 12:30-2:00pm Simply Cinderella (boys/girls ages 8-12)
Monday 4:00-6:00pm Murder by the Book (boys/girls ages 15+)
Monday 7:00-9:00pm The Miracle Worker (audition production)
Tuesday 5:30-7:00pm Murder at Haynes Manor (boys/girls ages 8-12)
Tuesday 7:00-8:30pm Sherlock Bones and the Werewolf of Witheridge Moor (boys/girls ages 8-12)

Friday, October 20 - Yours Truly, Jack Frost and Stop the Presses! These shows have been canceled.
Saturday, October 21 - The Lend-a-Hand Project, Simply Cinderella, Sherlock Bones
January 19-20, 2018 - The Miracle Worker

Costume Day - September 9, 10am-3pm. A 20-minute costume appointment is mandatory unless arrangements are made at registration.

Fall 2017 Class Information

For all drama classes with kids ages 8+, the first class will be an informal audition, with part assignments emailed within approximately 24-48 hours to those enrolled. Audition info will be emailed to those enrolled, but will primarily consist of a recitation of a 1-minute monologue, some readings from the script (for younger kids, if they are not comfortable reading aloud for the audition, no worries - I'll have some easier options), and a few other activities. Personal preference is also always taken into consideration!

Drama Classes for Boys and Girls - ages 3-7

Storybook Theatre's Little Stars - ages 3-5
Thursday 5:30-6:00pm
August 31 - October 19
Performance: Opportunity to participate in either Simply Cinderella or Sherlock Bones in our October 21 performance. No additional participation fee.
Minimum 6 students

Little Stars gives the youngest wannabe actors and actresses alike the chance to have a running start at performing! Through dramatic play, we will explore worlds of creativity and imagination, create characters, basics of stage movement, projecting voices, and much more. There will be a mix of games, music, movement, and speaking.
Register for this class here.

Storybook Theatre's Rising Stars - ages 5-7
Option 1 - Thursday 11:00-11:45am - August 31 - October 19
Option 2 - Thursday 6:00-6:45pm - August 24 - October 19 (no class September 14)
Performance: Options to participate in either Simply Cinderella or Sherlock Bones in our October 21 performance. No additional participation fee.
Minimum 6 students in each class.

Rising Stars builds upon the skills and experience learned in Little Stars class, or introduces new students to all the fun that theatre can be. Utilizing dramatic play, improvisation games, and short scripts (sometimes with a couple of lines to learn for the production), kids will learn about creating a stage presence and using their whole body to show emotion.
Register for this class here.

Drama Classes for Boys and Girls - ages 8-12

8/18/17 - CLASS IS FULL.  
Monday 12:30-2:00pm Simply Cinderella
Classes begin:August 14
No Class August 21 (due to Eclipse!), September 4
Performance: October 21

Overworked and under-appreciated Cinderella swings her broom at the Fairy Godmother, thinking she’s a giant moth.  Meanwhile, Queen Hobnail wants Prince Shubert to choose a suitable princess, but he would rather play video games than dance with a girl.  The beleaguered Fairy Godmother manages to bring the two together, at least until midnight, while Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters wait for the other shoe to drop.
Time Period: Fantasy/Medieval
Spaces in Class: 10 (flexible for boys/girls)

Tuesday 5:30-7:00pm Murder at Haynes Manor
Classes begin August 22
No class August 29
Performance: October 21

There's a family gathering at Haynes Manor, with more than a few surprises planned, but someone has murder in mind. Is it the greedy housekeeper, or someone with a different grudge? Can the family ghost help to solve the case?
Time Period: Likely modern with a vintage 40s/50s flair
Spaces in Class: 11 (flexible for boys/girls)
Register for this class here.

8/1/17 - CLASS IS FULL. 
Tuesday 7:00-8:30pm Sherlock Bones and the Werewolf of Witheridge Moor
Classes begin: August 22
No class August 29
Performance: October 21

Sherlock Bones and Dr. Motson's investigation leads them to deepest, darkest Witheridge Moor on Halloween where they meet vampires, a mysterious fortune-teller, a werewolf and their archenemy - the infamous Professor Moriaty. And the investigation leads to an unexpected discovery.
Time Period: Victorian (late 1800's)
Spaces in Class: minimum 4 boys, 3 girls with some additional flexible roles

Drama Classes for Girls – ages 8-12

8/18/17 - Class Canceled
Tuesday 12:30-2:00pm The Lend-a-Hand Project
Classes begin: August 29
Performance: October 21

This is the story of how Molly’s school class must work together to help in the war effort - and how Molly learns that her ideas alone may not always be the best ones.
Time Period: 1944
Spaces in Class: 5 girls + 1 role for girl age 5-7

Drama Classes for Girls & Boys - ages 13+

Note: this class is INTENDED for ages 13+ but age 12 is okay as long as your student has participated in at least two past productions with Storybook Theatre. The play can be done as all-male, all-female, or with a mixed cast. 

8/18/17 - Class Canceled
Tuesday 5:00-7:00pm Yours Truly, Jack Frost
Classes begin: August 15
Performance: October 20

Jack Frost, who decorates windowpanes during the Christmas season, has his office atop the Smiles Department Store.  He runs things in an old-fashioned way.  He doesn’t even know what a credit card is!  Enter Evilina of the Muggleworth Advertising Agency.  She’s convinced money will buy anything.  Evilina attempts to force Jack into signing over his frost formula.  She wants to forget about Christmas and market a line of shoddy products:  Jack Frost Burgers, Jack Frost Snowcones, Jack Frost T-shirts.  When her original plot fails, Evilina steals the formula.  However, only Jack knows about the necessary "secret ingredient."  Evilina is left holding a useless bottle of pooch cologne called "Doggone Good," and Jack continues to bring goodwill to the world.
Time Period: Fantasy
Spaces in Class: 11

Final Week Schedule:
Tuesday, October 17 - 5:00-7:00pm
Wednesday, October 18 - 7:00-8:30pm
Friday, October 20 (Performance Day) - arrive at 2pm
Rehearsal time, hair/makeup/costume
prep are provided in this performance day time.

8/18/17 - Class Canceled
Thursday 3:00-5:00pm Stop the Presses! 
Classes begin: August 17
Performance: October 20

Sleazy Tab Lloyd, a nasty villain, is running for mayor, but Miss Aspen Print won’t endorse him.  Instead, she writes articles supporting his opponent, an honest, yet highly opinionated politician named Edward Torial.  Lloyd has two allies, a cabbage head accomplice named Panhandle and a clever jewel thief by the name of Chiffon Delure (watch out for her!).  Naturally, Sheriff Jack Newsworthy is in love with Aspen. Watch what happens as Sleazy Tab attempts to take over the town!

Time Period: Wild West
Spaces in Class: 12

Final Week Schedule:
Wednesday, October 18 - 5:30-7:00pm
Thursday, October 19 - 3:00-5:00pm
Friday, October 20 (Performance Day) - arrive at 2pm
Rehearsal time, hair/makeup/costume prep are provided in this performance day time.

Drama Classes for Boys/Girls - ages 15+

Please don't sign up for this class if your student will not be 15 or older during the fall semester. Occasionally exceptions are made for younger siblings who are near the appropriate age. This is on a case-by-case basis; please contact Julie to discuss.

8/18/17 - CLASS IS FULL
Monday 4:00-6:00pm Murder by the Book
Classes begin: August 14
Performance: October 27, 28

Literary pursuits can be deadly. A small town ladies literary club seems harmless enough. Then there is a murder that can only be solved by looking at a very old classic piece of literature. Many surprises and chills await you in this gripping whodunnit with a mostly-female cast of intriguing characters.
The show takes place in a small town in the American Midwest. The sitting room of the Victorian mansion, Gurney House - once the home of a wealthy local family, now restored as a museum and home to the local historical society.
Time Period: Contemporary
Spaces in Class: 2 boys, 9 girls

Full Class Schedule:
Monday, August 14 - 7:00-9:00 Auditions
Thursday, August 17 - 5:00-9:00 Blocking
Monday, August 21 - 4:00-6:00 Blocking
Thursday, August 24 - 5:00-9:00 Blocking
Mondays from August 28 until October 9 (NO CLASS September 4) - 4:00-6:00 Regular Rehearsal
Saturday, October 14 - 12:00-4:00 Full Run
Monday, October 16 - 4:00-7:00 Walk through at church
Wednesday, October 18 - 7:00-8:30 Line through at church
Monday, October 23 - 4:00-9:00 Dress rehearsal / fix problems
Tuesday, October 24 - 5:00-9:00 Dress rehearsal
Wednesday, October 25 - 5:00-9:00 Dress Rehearsal
Thursday, October 26 - 5:00-9:00 Dress Rehearsal
Friday, October 27 - 1:00 arrive at church
Friday, October 27 - 7:00 Performance
Saturday, October 28 - 2:00 arrive at church
Saturday, October 28 - 7:00 Performance
Rehearsal time, hair/makeup/costume prep are provided in this performance day time.

Yes - this is an extensive rehearsal schedule! Please include all potential conflicts with registration.

We will ask for your help to heavily advertise this production to be able to continue this production level (with multiple performances) for our teenagers. To keep this a reality, we need to bring in the audience for it. Tickets will be $6 if purchased in advance at rehearsals or $8 at the door.

Ticket Information for Fall 2017

Kids performances - free to attend
Teen Plays (Stop the Presses/Jack Frost) - $5 if purchased in advance or at the door
High School Play (Murder by the Book) - $6 if purchased in advance or $8 at the door

Tuition Information for Fall 2017

Little Stars (ages 3-5)
info coming mid-August

Rising Stars (ages 5-7)
info coming mid-August

Drama Classes
Ages 8-12 - $125
Ages 13+ - $150
Ages 15+ - $200

Payment Options
Cash/Check/Credit/PayPal are accepted, but please note that paying by cash or check is strongly preferred and helps to keep overall tuition costs down for everyone. A payment plan is available if needed, with 50% due at registration and 50% due halfway through the semester.

To those who may be concerned that tuition has increased this semester, please know that this decision was made after careful consideration for how best to continue the Storybook program and be able to maintain the level of quality productions we strive to produce. If you have questions, you can feel free to email me.

This semester only, a 5% discount will be applied if tuition is paid in full by August 3, 2017. 

Sibling Discounts for Drama Classes
$5 off (each) per student from same household.
2 students ages 8-12 would pay $120 each.
1 student age 8-12 and 1 teen student would pay $120 and $145.
1 student age 8-12 and 2 teen students would pay $115, $140, 140.

Class costs include rehearsal time (kid classes: 26+ hours, teen class: 30+ hours), group and one-on-one acting coaching, script, most costume, prop, and set expenses (with the exception of any personal items such as tights/undershirts/occasional items from your existing wardrobe or something like a pair of pants in a certain color), hair/makeup, and performance day snacks. Each child receives a speaking role, there are no "chorus" parts.

All classes are held at director Julie's home in Lees Summit, MO.
Performances are held at Faith Baptist Church on Langsford Road in Lees Summit, MO.

I prefer for any student to miss NO MORE than two rehearsals. Please message me before registering if you have more conflicts than two.

Feel free to contact me with questions!