Storybook Theatre Summer 2016 New Class Registration Info

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First - apologies for the AWFUL spacing in this post. There is something off with the website code and I don't have time to sit down and fix it until at least tonight.

Thank you all for your interest in Storybook Theatre classes in summer 2016! There are lots of class options below. Full class information was sent via email to our mailing list. If you need the email, please contact me at A class summary and full schedule is below the registration form links.

Questions? You can contact Julie by email ( or phone (816.204.5702) anytime. Feel free to call or text.

Summer Class Registration Forms

Teens: if you are interested in joining the Storybook Intern Team this spring, please apply here: Teen Intern Application. Interns should be at least 15 and have been involved in multiple past productions. More info can be found on the application.

Full Summer Schedule to assist with planning:
Monday 5:00-5:45pm Rising Stars (boys/girls ages 5-7) 
Monday 5:45-6:15pm Little Stars (boys/girls ages 3-5)
Tuesday 2:30-4:00pm Rebecca & Ana (girls ages 8-12)
Tuesday 5:00-7:00pm Mrs. Harper's Bazaar (girls ages 13+) 
Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm Pajama Party (girls ages 13+) 
Thursday 10:30-11:00am Little Stars (boys/girls ages 3-5)
Thursday 2:00-3:30pm The Long Lost Treasure of Long John Jones (boys/girls ages 8-12) 
Thursday 3:30-4:30pm Improv Club (boys/girls ages 7-13)
Thursday 4:30-6:00pm Friendship & Freedom (girls ages 8-12) 
Thursday 6:30-8:30pm If Sherlock Holmes Were A Woman (girls ages 13+)

Notes: The number of spaces available in this list is less than the number of spaces we filled in the sprimg. If needed, a second performance weekend MAY be added once these classes are full. If these dates do not work for you and you are interested in a class, you must email Julie to let her know of your interest. New classes will not be planned unless there is a demand for them.

There have been minimal requests in the past for classes for teen boys. If this is something you are interested in, please email me as well. They are not left out as an exclusion as classes are just planned based on demand.

Friday, August 12 - Mrs. Harper's Bazaar, Pajama Party, If Sherlock Holmes Were A Woman
Saturday, August 13 - Rebecca & Ana, Friendship & Freedom, The Long Lost Treasure of Long John Jones

NEW AND IMPORTANT: Performance day schedules will remain much the same; however there is one big change. Due to the need to streamline the performance day process to allow more students to be involved as we move forward, Storybook will no longer be providing pizza for lunch/dinner on performance days - BUT THERE WILL STILL BE S'MORES (there will always be s'mores)! This spring we had our largest cast EVER at the kids' plays and we are excited to see where we go from here. For the meals during performance day, we will ask that parents please send a labeled sack lunch. More details on that later!

Summer 2016 Schedule

NOTE FOR ALL PERFORMANCE DRAMA CLASSES: Costume Day is on July 9 from 9:30am-3pm. A 20-minute costume appointment is mandatory unless arrangements are made at registration.

For all drama classes with kids ages 8+, the first class will be an informal audition, with part assignments emailed within approximately 24 hours to those enrolled. Audition info will be emailed to those enrolled, but will primarily consist of a recitation of a 1-minute monologue, some readings from the script (for younger kids, if they are not comfortable reading aloud for the audition, no worries - I'll have some easier options), and a few other activities. Personal preference is also always taken into consideration!

Storybook Theatre's Little Stars - ages 3-5

Thursday 10:30-11:00am
June 9 - August 11

Monday 5:45-6:15pm June 6 - August 15 No class July 4
Performance: Options to participate in one of the plays during the August 13 performance.

A newer class to our roster, Little Stars will give younger siblings and new families alike the chance to have a running start at performing! Through dramatic play, we will explore worlds of creativity and imagination, create characters, basics of stage movement, projecting voices, and much more. There will be a mix of games, music, movement, and speaking. Note: this is the last semester the punch card option will be valid - please use up your cards this summer as we will be moving to a per-semester fee in the fall! Minimum 4 students to have each class; they may be combined if registration is low.

Storybook Theatre's Rising Stars - ages 5-7

Monday 5:00-5:45pm
June 6 - August 15 No class July 4
Performance: Options to participate in one of the plays during the August 13 performance.

Rising Stars builds upon the skills and experience learned in Little Stars class, or introduces new students to all the fun that theatre can be. Utilizing dramatic play, improvisation games, and short scripts (no lines to learn - just repetition), kids will learn about creating a stage presence and using their whole body to show emotion.

Drama Classes for Boys and Girls - ages 8-12

5/27/16 9:30pm Class is full.
Thursday 2:00-3:30pm The Long Lost Treasure of Long John Jones
Classes begin: June 23
Performance: August 13

A new story, which will be written to meet the needs of the class size when registration closes. The treasure of Long John Jones has been forgotten for so long, no one is quite sure how to go about searching for it...if it even exists. But a brave pirate and his crew are up to the challenge!
Characters: To be determined
Time Period: Fantasy
Spaces in Class: To be determined (limit is 10)

Drama Classes for Girls – ages 8-12

5/4/16 11:30pm Class is full. Tuesday 2:30-4:00pm Rebecca & Ana
Classes begin: June 21
Performance: August 13

Journey with us to New York City as Rebecca welcomes her cousin Ana, who has just arrived as an immigrant to America, to her world. Rebecca thinks they will be the best of friends but she is surprised and upset when Ana is asked to share her solo at school. A couple of characters in this play sing!
Characters: Rebecca, Ana, Sadie, Sophie, Mama, Bubbie, Miss Maloney, Rose
Time Period: 1914

Spaces in Class: 7 girls

Thursday 4:30-6:00pm Friendship & Freedom
Classes begin: June 23 Performance: August 13 We join Addy and her Momma on the first day of school. Addy and her friend Sarah learn some valuable lessons about the costs of friendship and which sort of friendships are really built to last. Characters: Addy, Sarah, Miss Dunn, Harriet, Momma, and Mavis Time Period: 1860's Spaces in Class: 5 girls, plus one role for girl age 5-7 (please email me to register for this small part at 50% tuition)

Summer Improv Club ages 7-13

Thursday 3:30-4:30 - 8 weeks beginning June 23

Improv Clubs are open to both boys and girls. Discounts are available when signing up for Improv + a performance class. Students may register for one session, multiple sessions, or attend weekly.

Drama Classes for Girls - ages 13+
Note: this class is INTENDED for ages 13+ but age 12 is okay as long as your student has participated in at least two past productions with Storybook Theatre.

There is no full-length teen production this summer. Three short one-act plays will be presented on August 12. We will be back with another large-scale production in the fall, but summer is all about fun this year!

Tuesday 5:00-7:00pm Mrs. Harper's Bazaar
Classes begin: June 7
Performance: August 12
This story reveals the exciting amusement incident to a charity bazaar presided over by Mrs. Harper, who has enough troubles this one evening to keep the audience laughing for a long time. Most of the action centers around Honey Walters, a movie star who is to make a personal appearance at the bazaar, and who goes on strike when she discovers that she is expected to unveil the statue of a mule—symbol of the charitable activity of these clubwomen, who raise money to provide mules on which the poor children of Kentucky may ride to school. Ladies will wear fashionable eveningwear.
Time Period: 1930's
Spaces in Class: 8

Final Week Schedule:
Friday, August 5 - 4:30-6:00pm
Monday, August 8 - 3:00-5:00pm
Tuesday, August 9 - 5:00-7:00pm
Friday, August 12 (Performance Day) - arrive at 1pm
Rehearsal time, hair/makeup/costume prep are provided in this performance day time.

5/4/16 10:45am Class is full.
Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm Pajama Party
Classes begin: June 7
Performance: August 12
Jump into the 1950's with poodle skirts, record singalongs, and much more. This is an ensemble piece with funny roles that will give the opportunity for character acting and comic timing. Also features group singing and a couple of choreographed dance numbers. The official show description: “It starts off as the usual slumber party, complete with a scary ghost story and a parade of pajama costumes. Then a police car starts prowling the neighborhood in search of the Blue Light Burglar. And then comes the mystery girl!”
Time Period: 1950's
Spaces in Class: 8

Final Week Schedule:
Friday, August 5 - 6:00-7:30pm
Tuesday, August 9 - 6:30-8:30pm
Wednesday, August 10 - 1:00-3:00pm
Friday, August 12 (Performance Day) - arrive at 1pm

Rehearsal time, hair/makeup/costume prep are provided in this performance day time.

5/4/16 10:35am Class is full.
Thursday 6:30-8:30pm If Sherlock Holmes Were A Woman
Classes begin: June 9
Performance: August 12
Shirley Holmes is named after the famous sleuth of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fame. She is a fanatic on mystery and crime. Her big chance comes when the housemother in her dorm is found dead under peculiar circumstances. Shirley, determined to solve the crime, locks all the girls in the communal study. Shirley's sleuthing is hilarious and causes something of a scandal as she unravels the laugh-provoking "heinous crime."
Time Period: 1970's
Spaces in Class: 7

Final Week Schedule:
Friday, August 5 - 7:30-9:00pm
Wednesday, August 10 - 3:00-5:00pm
Thursday, August 11 - 6:30-8:30pm
Friday, August 12 (Performance Day) - arrive at 1pm
Rehearsal time, hair/makeup/costume prep are provided in this performance day time.


Little Stars
$10/week for one student
$16/week for two students
$60/8 class punch card (can be used for multiple children in the same family)   Note that this is the FINAL semester the punch cards will be accepted! Feel free to use up your current punch card - you can then purchase the rest of the semester at the punch card cost weekly if desired.

Rising Stars
$70 per 10 week session

Improv Club
$5 (paid weekly) or $35 (full session paid up front)
New to Storybook Theatre? Attend one Improv session for free! Returning students can bring a visiting friend for free one time.

Drama Classes
Ages 8-12 - $85
Ages 13+ - $100

Sibling Discounts for Drama Classes
$5 off (each) per student from same household.
2 students ages 8-12 would pay $80 each.
1 student age 8-12 and 1 teen student would pay $80 and $95.
1 student age 8-12 and 2 teen students would pay $75, $90, and $90.
Sibling discounts do not apply to Craft/Improv Clubs or Little Stars.

Multiple Class Discounts
Spring Improv Club + 8 Week Drama Class: $110 (savings of $15)

Class costs include rehearsal time (kid classes: 26+ hours, teen class: 30+ hours), group and one-on-one acting coaching, script, free admission for family and friends to the performance, most costume and prop expenses (with the exception of any personal items such as tights), hair/makeup, and performance day snacks.

All classes are held at director Julie's home in Lees Summit, MO.
Performances are held at Faith Baptist Church on Langsford Road in Lees Summit, MO.

I prefer for any student to miss NO MORE than two rehearsals. Please message me before registering if you have more conflicts than two. This is especially important to consider when registering for a summer class!

Feel free to contact me with questions!