Storybook Theatre Fall 2015 New Class Registration Info

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Thank you all for your interest in Storybook Theatre classes this fall! There are lots of class options below. Full class information was sent via email to my mailing list. If you need the email, please contact me at A class summary and schedule is below the registration form links.

New to Storybook? Here's how our classes work.

Each semester (spring, summer, fall), a list of classes is offered. These are split by age range.

Performance Classes - suitable for any skill level (beginning actors included), these classes meet for 8-12 weeks and wrap up with a semester-end performance that is free for family/friends to attend. Each individual class typically has 4-12 students and allows for one-on-one acting coaching and learning stage technique such as projecting the voice, being aware of body movement, and building a character. These classes have been part of Storybook for 12+ years and are our "standard" class offering.

Improv Club - Improv, or improvisation, is the art of thinking on your feet - something very useful when you're onstage! This class is perfect for a beginner who wants to try out a class but doesn't want the commitment of a performance with lines to memorize. Returning students enjoy this class because they are able to invent new scenes and dialogues with each other every week, and stretch their creativity.

Preschool Classes - brand new this fall! More info below in the "Little Stars" section.

Questions? You can contact Julie by email ( or phone (816.204.5702) anytime.

Fall Class Registration Forms

Little Stars

Fall Improv Clubs

Classes for ages 8-12 and 12-13

Classes for ages 13+

Teens: if you are interested in joining the Storybook Intern Team this fall, please let me know. There is space for one teen per kids' class.

Full Fall Schedule to assist with planning:

Monday 12:00-1:30pm Josefina Christmas (girls 8-12)
Monday 1:30-2:30pm Improv Club (boys/girls ages 7-13)
Monday 2:30-4:00pm Little Women at Christmas (girls 11-13)
Monday 4:00-6:00pm Danger - Girls Working! (girls 15+)
Monday 6:00-7:30pm The Reluctant Dragon (boys/girls ages 8-12)
Tuesday 4:00-5:00pm Improv Club (boys/girls ages 7-13)
Tuesday 6:00-7:30pm Home For Christmas (girls ages 8-12)
Thursday 11:00-11:45am Little Stars (boys/girls ages 3-5)
Thursday 12:00-1:30pm A Little House Christmas (boys/girls ages 8-12)
Thursday 1:30-2:30pm Improv Club (boys/girls ages 7-13)
Thursday 2:30-4:00pm Friendship on Thin Ice (girls ages 8-12)
Thursday 4:00-5:30pm Kit's Hard Times (boys/girls ages 8-12)
Thursday 6:00-8:00pm Lost & Foundling (girls ages 13+)

Friday, October 23 - Lost & Foundling, Little Women at Christmas
Saturday, October 24 - Kit's Hard Times, Home for Christmas, The Reluctant Dragon
Friday, November 6 - Danger - Girls Working!
Saturday, November 7 - Josefina Christmas, Friendship on Thin Ice, A Little House Christmas

Fall 2015 Schedule

NOTE FOR ALL PERFORMANCE DRAMA CLASSES: Costume Day is on September 26 from 9:30am-3pm. A 20-minute costume appointment is mandatory unless arrangements are made at registration.

NEW THIS YEAR: For all drama classes, the first class will be an informal audition, with part assignments emailed within approximately 24 hours to those enrolled. Audition info will be emailed to those enrolled, but will primarily consist of an optional recitation of a 1-minute monologue, some readings from the script (for younger kids, if they are not comfortable reading aloud for the audition, no worries - I'll have some easier options), and a few other activities. Personal preference will still be taken into consideration! Let me know if you have questions about this change!

Storybook Theatre's Little Stars - ages 3-5

Thursday 11:00-11:45am 
Classes begin: September 3
Performance: If this class has a high enrollment, a small scene may be practiced and performed at the October 24 performance. At this time, it is not intended to be a performance-based class.

A brand new class for Fall 2015, Little Stars will give younger siblings and new families alike the chance to have a running start at performing! Through dramatic play, we will explore worlds of creativity and imagination, create characters, basics of stage movement, projecting voices, and much more. There will be a mix of games, music, movement, and speaking. Class will run 8 weeks (through October 22), but may be extended depending on popularity. Options in tuition section below to attend weekly or buy a multiple-class punch card up front.

Drama Classes for Boys and Girls - ages 8-12

8/5/15 7:00pm - 3 boy spaces remaining.
Monday 6:00-7:30pm The Reluctant Dragon
Classes begin: August 24
Performance: October 24

Edward and his sister Selina uncover a dragon living in a cave near their village. The dragon prefers writing poetry over fiercely burning down towns. Together the new friends contrive a plot to keep St. George from slaying the dragon.
Characters: Edward, Selina, Horace, Gwendolynn, Eleanor, St. George
Time Period: Medieval
Spaces in Class: 3 girls, 3 boys

8/5/15 7:00pm - 2 boy spaces remaining.
Thursday 12:00-1:30pm A Little House Christmas
Classes begin: September 17
Performance: November 7

Mary and Laura worry that Christmas won't take place, but Mr. Edwards shows up to save the day with an outlandish tale about dear old Saint Nick just in time.
Characters: Pa, Ma, Mrs. Edwards, Mary, Laura, Carrie
Time Period: 1870's
Spaces in Class: 2 boys, 3 girls, 1 small girl role (Carrie) for a younger sister (half price tuition)

Thursday 4:00-5:30pm Kit's Hard Times
Classes begin: September 3
Performance: October 24

Based on Kit Learns A Lesson by Valerie Tripp. Kit wants to take matters into her own hands to help her family during the Thanksgiving holiday during the Great Depression, but she doesn't know how to help. She finds out that her dad has been visiting a soup kitchen for meals and is afraid that nothing will ever be okay again. Character opportunities include - Kit, Dad, Mother, Ruthie, Stirling, Mrs. Howard, Miss Hart, Miss Finney, Mr. Peck, Miss Fisher, Roger, Mabel, Dorothy, and Soup Kitchen Lady. There are 7 spaces available in this class with 3 additional "little sister" (age 5-7) speaking roles. The little sis roles are at a 50% tuition rate.
Characters:  Kit, Dad, Mother/Soup Kitchen Lady, Ruthie, Stirling, Mrs. Howard/Miss Fisher, Miss Hart/Dorothy, Miss Finney/Mabel, Mr. Peck/Roger
Time Period: 1934
Spaces in Class: 3 girls, 2 boys + 2 small girl roles (Miss Hart/Dorothy, Miss Finney/Mabel) for younger sisters (half price tuition) 

Drama Classes for Girls – ages 8-12

8/5/15 7:00pm - 3 girl spaces remaining.
Monday 12:00-1:30pm Josefina Christmas
Classes begin: September 14
Performance: November 7

Based on Josefina’s Surprise by Valerie Tripp.  Josefina and her family celebrate their Christmas traditions, but find it hard to carry on without their Mama.  This play is set in New Mexico and we will try to learn to speak with a Spanish accent to help with character development!
Characters: Josefina, Tia Dolores, Ana, Francisca, and Clara
Time Period: 1824
Spaces in Class: 5
I'm renaming this play before the performance, but I haven't picked a title yet.

8/5/15 7:00pm - 4 girl spaces + 1 age 5-7 girl space remaining
Tuesday 6:00-7:30pm Home for Christmas 
Classes begin: August 25
Performance: October 24
No Class September 1
Based on the book Changes For Samantha by Valerie Tripp and the movie Samantha: An American Girl Holiday.  This story is about Samantha's quest to help her best friend Nellie escape an orphanage in New York City at Christmas time.
Characters: Samantha, Aunt Cornelia, Gertrude, Miss Frouchy, Nellie, Bridget, and Jenny
Time Period: 1824
Spaces in Class: 4 + 2 small roles (Bridget, Jenny) for younger sisters (half price tuition)

8/5/15 7:00pm - 4 spaces remaining
Thursday 2:30-4:00pm Friendship on Thin Ice
Classes begin: September 17
Performance: November 7

This story is based on A Surprise for Caroline. Caroline can't understand why her friends want to stay indoors when all she wants to do is skate and sled in the snow. Frustrated with them, Caroline makes a rash decision that leaves all three girls on thin ice!
Characters: Caroline, Lydia, Rhonda, Mother, Grandmother, and Amelia
Time Period: 1812
Spaces in Class: 5 + 1 small role (Amelia) for a younger sister (half price tuition)

Drama Classes for Girls - ages 12-13

8/5/15 7:00pm - CLASS IS FULL.
Monday 2:30-4:00pm Little Women at Christmas
Classes begin: August 24
Performance: October 23

It's almost Christmas in Concord, Massachusetts during the Civil War. The four March sisters grumble about their fate and how Christmas won't be the same during the Civil War as it has been in years past. Their family bond stands strong, however, in spite of whatever hardships they face.
Characters: Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy, Marmee, Hannah
Time Period: 1860's
Spaces in Class: 6
Friday, October 23 (Performance Day): arrive at 1pm
Rehearsal time, dinner, and hair/makeup/costume prep are provided in this performance day time.

Fall Improv Club ages 7-13

Mondays 1:30-2:30pm - 8 weeks beginning September 14
Tuesdays 4:00-5:00pm - 8 weeks beginning August 25 (no class September 1)
Thursdays 1:30-2:30pm - 8 weeks beginning September 17

Improv Clubs are open to both boys and girls. Discounts are available when signing up for Improv + a performance class. Students may register for one session, multiple sessions, or attend weekly.

Drama Classes for Girls - ages 13+ 
Note: this class is INTENDED for ages 13+ but age 12 is okay as long as your student has participated in at least two past productions with Storybook Theatre.

7/31/15 10:00am - CLASS IS FULL.
Thursday 6:00-8:00pm Lost & Foundling
Classes begin: August 20
Performance: October 23

Unusual things don't usually happen at Price Mart, but at this Mega Price Mart a mega-unusual thing happened once: a little girl was born. Or left. Or got lost in the aisles and her parents never found her. Whatever it was that happened, it was her destiny to be discovered between Truck Mirrors and Oil Filters by some Price Mart associates. They name her Pryce and raise her. Her first word is "affordable." It's a good life at Price Mart, all things considered: clean, well-lit, lots of stuff at reasonable prices, but her discovery one day that there's a place called Lost and Found all the way on the other side of the store sparks restlessness and curiosity about where she came from. What follows is an epic journey of hilarious proportions as our intrepid heroine sets off alone down strange aisles, through unfamiliar sale zones, past new and threatening merchandise. Armed with only her wits and a celebrity magazine, will Pryce manage to evade dangerous pitfalls like the Demanding Shopper and the Neverending Line? Will she ever make it to the western edge of the store? And even if she does find the Lost and Found counter, will she ever uncover the truth about her real family? A comic and contemporary myth set in the recognizable world of changing rooms, free samples, and incandescent lights that never turn off, Lost and Foundling is a modern retail fairy tale about growing up, self-reliance, and big big savings.
Time Period: Modern
Spaces in Class: 10

Final Week Schedule:
Friday, October 16 - 5:00-8:00pm
Tuesday, October 20 - 5:30-8:00pm
Thursday, October 22 - 5:30-8:00pm
Friday, October 23 (Performance Day) - arrive at 2pm
Rehearsal time, dinner, and hair/makeup/costume prep are provided in this performance day time.

Drama Classes for Girls - ages 15+

8/5/15 7:00pm - CLASS IS FULL.
Monday 4-6pm Danger - Girls Working!
Classes begin: August 17
Performance: November 6

At a New York girl's boarding house, there is a newspaper woman who wants to write a novel, a wise cracking shop girl, the serious music student, a faded actress, a girl looking for romance, the kid who wants to crash Broadway and other boarders. The landlady, is the proud custodian of the "McCarthy Collection," a group of perfect uncut diamonds. When it disappears from the safe, the newspaper woman is given two hours to solve the case before the police are called. Suspicion is cleverly shifted from one to the other of the girls and there's a very surprising solution.
Time Period: 1930's
Spaces in Class: 11

Full Class Schedule:
August 17 – 4-6pm Audition Night
August 24 - 4-6pm Blocking
August 27 - 4-5:30pm Blocking
Mondays from August 31-October 19 - 4-6pm Normal Rehearsal
October 26 - 4-7pm Casual Dress Rehearsal
October 29 - 4-7pm Casual Dress Rehearsal
November 2 - 4-8pm Dress Rehearsal
November 3 - 4-7pm Dress Rehearsal
November 5 - 4-7pm Dress Rehearsal
November 6 - 1:00pm Arrival at Church
November 6 – 7:00pm - Performance


Little Stars 

$10/week for one student
$16/week for two students
$60/8 class punch card (can be used for multiple children in the same family)

Improv Club
$5 (paid weekly) or $35 (full session paid up front)
New to Storybook Theatre? Attend one Improv session for free! Returning students can bring a visiting friend for this, too.

Drama Classes
Ages 8-12 - $85
Ages 12-13 (Little Women at Christmas) - $90
Ages 13+ (Lost & Foundling) - $100
Ages 15+ (Danger - Girls Working!) - $140 (for this class only, I will offer a 50/50 payment plan – half down at registration, half by September 14)

Sibling Discounts for Drama Classes
$5 off (each) per student from same household.
2 students ages 8-12 would pay $80 each.
1 student age 8-12 and 1 teen student would pay $80 and $95.
1 student age 8-12 and 2 teen students would pay $75, $90, and $90.
Sibling discounts do not apply to Craft/Improv Clubs or Little Stars.

Multiple Class Discounts
Fall Improv Club + 8 Week Drama Class: $110 (savings of $15)

Class costs include rehearsal time (kid classes: 26 hours, 12+ class: 30 hours, 15+ class: 42 hours), one-on-one acting coaching, script, free admission for family and friends to the performance, most costume and prop expenses (with the exception of any personal items such as tights), and performance day dinner/snacks.

All classes are held at my home in Lees Summit, MO.
Performances are held at Faith Baptist Church on Langsford Road in Lees Summit, MO.

I prefer for any student to miss NO MORE than two rehearsals. Please message me before registering if you have more conflicts than two.

Feel free to contact me with questions!