Storybook Theatre Summer 2015 New Class Registration Info

Thank you all for your interest in my classes this summer! Full class information was sent via email to my mailing list. If you need the email, please contact me at A class summary and schedule is below the registration form links.

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Summer Class Registration Forms

May-June Improv Class

Kids Plays / Improv Club / Craft Club

Teen Plays: The Wishin' Tree / The Princess & the Princess

If any teens are interested in being an Intern for a kid's class - please let me know. Opportunities are available.

Full Summer Schedule to assist with planning:
Monday 12:00-1:00 Craft Club (girls 7+) - 4 weeks, July 6, 13, 20, 27
Monday 1:00-2:30pm Little House: Country Girls (girls 8-12)
Monday 2:30-5:00pm The Wishin' Tree (Teen girls)
Monday 4:30-7:00pm The Princess & the Princess (Teen girls)
Thursday 12:30-2:00pm Home Is Where The Heart Is (girls 8-12)
Thursday 2:00-3:30pm Anne & Diana (girls 8-12)
Thursday 3:30-5:00pm The Princesses' Tea Party (girls 8-12)

Summer 2015 Schedule

NOTE FOR ALL DRAMA CLASSES: Costume Day is on July 18 from 10am-3pm. A 20-minute costume appointment is mandatory unless arrangements are made at registration.

NEW THIS SUMMER: For all drama classes, the first class will be an informal audition, with part assignments emailed within 24 hours to those enrolled. We tried this out with the teen students in the spring, and it was very well-received. It should hopefully help to eliminate some anxiety for all students the first week of class as we'll just get together and have a fun time! Audition info will be emailed to those enrolled, but will primarily consist of an optional recitation of a 1-minute monologue, some readings from the script (for younger kids, if they are not comfortable reading aloud for the audition, no worries - I'll have some easier options), and a few other activities. Personal preference will still be taken into consideration! Let me know if you have questions about this change!

May/June Improv Club ages 7-13
Thursdays, 6 weeks: May 7, 14, 21, 28, June 4, 11

Drama Classes for Boys and Girls - ages 8-12
Note that BOTH of these classes need to be filled in order to have the performance date on August 11. If only one is filled, the schedule may be subject to change. We'll have separate dressing rooms set up for boys and girls and will make other changes to our program as needed to accommodate this exciting new class offering!

4/27 10:25am - 2 Girl Spaces Available
Thursday 12:30-2:00pm Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Classes begin: June 18
Performance: August 11

This play is based on the book Meet Samantha by Susan S. Adler. Samantha meets Nellie, the servant girl who lives next door, and the two become fast friends. Their friendship is challenged by Eddie, who likes to tease them incessantly, and encouraged by Uncle Gard.
Characters: Samantha, Grandmary, Nellie, Uncle Gard, Eddie Ryland
Time Period: 1904
Spaces in Class: 2 boys, 3 girls
Note that we will not be billing this as an "American Girl" play so hopefully there is still some appeal for boys. :)

4/27 4:35pm - 2 Boy Spaces Available
Thursday 6:00-7:30pm The Reluctant Dragon
Classes begin: June 18
Performance: August 11
Edward and his sister Selina uncover a dragon living in a cave near their village. The dragon prefers writing poetry over fiercely burning down towns. Together the new friends contrive a plot to keep St. George from slaying the dragon.
Characters: Edward, Selina, Horace, Gwendolynn, Eleanor, St. George
Time Period: Medieval
Spaces in Class: 3 girls, 3 boys

Performance Day Info for Actions Speak Louder & The Reluctant Dragon:
Tuesday, August 11 - 7:00pm
Arrival at 2:00pm

Drama Classes for Girls – ages 8-12

4/27 1:25pm - CLASS IS FULL.
Monday 1:00-2:30pm Little House on the Prairie: Country Girls
Classes begin: June 22
Performance: August 15
Based on the episode of the same title from the popular Little House TV show, this play tells the story of Mary and Laura's first day (and weeks following) at the Walnut Grove School.
Characters: Laura, Mary, Ma, Miss Beadle, Nellie Olson, Christy, and Carrie
Time Period: Late 1800's
Spaces in Class: 5 + 1 small role (Carrie) for a younger sister (half price tuition)

5/21 12:20pm - CLASS IS FULL.
Thursday 2:00-3:30pm Anne & Diana
Classes begin: June 25
Performance: August 15
Anne of Green Gables is no stranger to the stage, but this particular tale skips over much of her history to focus on her relationship with her "bosom friend," Diana Barry. Supporting characters help tell the deepest stories of their friendship.
Characters: Anne, Diana, Marilla, Mrs. Barry, Rachel Lynde, Aunt Josephine, Minnie May
Time Period: Late 1800's
Spaces in Class: 6 + 1 small role (Minnie May) for a younger sister (half price tuition)

6/4 11:00pm 1 Space Remaining.
Thursday 4:30-6:00pm The Princesses' Tea Party
Classes begin: June 25
Performance: August 15
This story is based on the book Happy Birthday, Molly! Molly is beyond excited when an English refugee, Emily, comes to live with her family during World War II. Molly expects to hear exciting stories and news about the war in England, but Emily surprises her in more ways than one.
Note - in real life, the character of Emily would likely have an English accent, but please don't enroll in this class just because your student desperately wants to try that! Accents, especially when spoken by children, are very hard to understand on stage and I usually prefer "normal" speech during productions! But if you do choose this class, feel free to let your student know she may give me an example at the first rehearsal - you never know what I will say! :)
Characters: Molly, Linda, Susan, Emily, Mom
Time Period: 1944
Spaces in Class: 5

Performance Day Info for Little House, Anne, Molly:
Saturday, August 15 - 3:00pm
Arrival at 9:30am

Summer Craft Club age 7+
Mondays, 4 weeks: July 6, 13, 20, 27
Project ideas will depend on how many returning Craft Club members sign up – typically things that are historical, practical, or just plain adorable are my go-to projects. Ideas for this summer include bandana tote bags, painted mugs, scrap fabric necklaces, and more.

Summer Improv Club ages 7-13
Thursdays, 8 weeks: June 25, July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, August 6, 13

Drama Classes – ages 12-18 
Note: this class is INTENDED for ages 13+ but age 12 is okay as long as your student has participated in at least two past productions with me. Each of these productions will have a likely runtime of 30-45 minutes and will be performed together on the same night. There is a half-hour of class overlap to allow for a group improvisation session each week.

5/2 9:30am - 1 Space Remaining
Monday 2:30-5:00pm The Wishin' Tree
Classes begin: June 8
Performance: August 14
Ol' Granny Creep gives Mattie Sparks a tree that can make wishes come true. Mattie and Gramma Twiggins share the surprises as its magic stirs up hilarity. The action is fast and furious, building to a climax that reveals true worth of the wishin' tree. Featured are clear cut comedy roles, an imaginative plot and sure fire farce situations.
One role plays two characters who do not speak (ever). One is an elderly woman, "Ol Granny Creep" and the other is the Wishin' Tree itself. Onstage time is almost throughout the full play - just without words. Be aware that you could get this role if you're in this play!
Time Period: 1873
Spaces in Class: 7

Final Week Schedule:
Monday, August 10: 2:30-5:00pm
Wednesday, August 12: 12:00-2:00pm
Thursday, August 13 6:00-8:30pm (with The Princess & the Princess)
Friday, August 14 (Performance Day): arrive at 2pm
Rehearsal time, dinner, and hair/makeup/costume prep are provided in this performance day time.

5/9 4:15pm - CLASS IS FULL.
Monday 4:30-7:00pm The Princess and The Princess
Classes begin: June 8
Performance: August 14
The Princess and The Princess tells the story of Popplepea, a poor polite princess, and Twinkleberry, a rich rude princess, who meet on a narrow mountain path and neither will move to let the other one pass.  Everyone who tries to help gets stuck up there on the mountain with them. After a riddle provided by the Royal Wise Person proves both princesses are "real", it is Popplepea who graciously steps aside - not because she has to, but because she so chooses.
Time Period: Fantasy
Spaces in Class: 12

Final Week Schedule:
Monday, August 10: 4:30-7:00
Wednesday, August 12: 2:00-4:00pm
Thursday, August 13 6:00-8:30pm (with The Wishin' Tree)
Friday, August 14 (Performance Day): arrive at 2pm
Rehearsal time, dinner, and hair/makeup/costume prep are provided in this performance day time.

Feel free to contact me with questions!