AGDT Spring 2015 New Class Registration Info

Thank you all for your interest in my classes this spring! Full class information was sent via email to my mailing list. If you need the email, please contact me at A class summary and schedule is below the registration form links.

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Winter & Spring Class Registration Forms

Winter Improv / Craft Club

Kids Plays (includes age 12-13 class) / Improv Club / Craft Club 

Teen Plays: The Shakespeare Convention / Little Women

If any teens are interested in being an Intern for a kid's class - please let me know.  

Full Spring Schedule to assist with planning:
Monday 4:00-6:00pm Little Women (10th-12th grade)
Monday 6:00-7:30pm Molly & the Movie Star (8-12)
Tuesday 4:30-7:00pm The Shakespeare Convention (12+)
Thursday 12:30-2:00pm Annoying Annabelle (8-12)
Thursday 2:00-3:30pm Julie for President! (8-12)
Thursday 3:30-4:30pm Spring Improv Club (7-13)
Thursday 4:30-6:00pm Check Under the Bed (12-13)

Spring 2015 Schedule

Costume Day is on March 14 from 10am-3pm. A 20-minute costume appointment is mandatory unless arrangements are made at registration.

Drama Classes – ages 8-12

1/13/15 - CLASS IS FULL.
Monday 6:00-7:30pm Molly & the Movie Star
Classes begin: February 23
Performance: April 18
Molly is excited to help her class present their hard-earned War Bond money to famous movie star, Melody Moore…until she loses the money.
Characters: Molly, Linda, Susan, Mom, Mrs. Gilford, Miss Campbell, Melody Moore
Time Period: WWII, 1944
Spaces in Class: 6

1/22/15 - CLASS IS FULL.
Thursday 12:30-2:00m Annoying Annabelle
Classes begin: February 26
Performance: April 18
Felicity and Elizabeth find it quite amusing to destroy Annabelle’s efforts to impress Miss Haughty – until they learn that their mischief may get them into trouble, too!
Characters: Felicity, Elizabeth, Annabelle, Mother, Miss Haughty
Time Period: American Revolution, 1774
Spaces in Class: 5

1/22/15 - 1 Space Available.
Thursday 2:00-3:30pm Julie for President!
Classes begin: February 26
Performance: April 18
Julie sets out to prove that she can be class president even though she is a girl. She and her friends learn a lot about cooperation and being kind to others on her campaign journey.
Characters: Julie, Joy, Ivy, Mrs. Duncan/Tracy, Mark/Mom, Angela, Amanda, and Alison
Little sisters of enrolled students (ages 5-7) can cameo as students in Julie’s class.
Time Period: 1974
Spaces in Class: 8

Performance Day Info for Molly, Felicity, Julie:
Saturday, April 18,3:00pm
Arrival at 9:30am

1/22/15 - Canceled for now. Please email me at if you are interested - a day and time will be worked out specifically for the families who wish to join. Minimum 5 students.
Spring Craft Club ages 7-13
Thursdays, 4 weeks: March 5, 12, 19, 26

Project ideas will depend on how many returning Craft Club members sign up – typically things that are historical, practical, or just plain adorable are my go-to projects.

1/13/15 - Spaces available.
Spring Improv Club ages 7-13
Thursdays, 8 weeks: February 26, March 5, 12, 19, 26, April 2, 9, 16

Drama Classes – ages 12-13
 Students MUST be turning 12 during the current semester (by April 18) to participate. This class is sort of a precursor to the larger Teen productions. 

1/15/15 - CLASS IS FULL.
Thursday 4:30-6:00pm Check Under the Bed
Classes begin: February 26
Performance: April 17 (with Teen class)
J.T. Maloney, Master Detective, finds herself in a spooky old hotel filled with very strange characters on a dark and stormy night. Can she help Miss Peabody find a missing check and save the day? 
Characters: J.T. Maloney, Margaret Maloney, Miss Peabody, Carlotta Vanderpepper, Veronica Brockett, Jane Crumb
Time Period: Modern, but with a vintage/antiquated feel
Spaces in Class: 6
Performance Day Info:
Friday April 17, 7:00pm
Arrival at 2pm (exceptions made for public/private school students when necessary – please message me)
Rehearsal time, dinner, and hair/makeup/costume prep are provided in this time.

Drama Classes – ages 12-18
Note: this class is INTENDED for ages 13+ but age 12 is okay as long as your student has participated in at least two past productions with me.

1/13/15 - 5 spaces available. 
Tuesday 4:30-7:00pm The Shakespeare Convention
Classes begin: February 10
Performance: April 17
Bumbling producer Burbage and his irate associate Iggy have put together a Shakespeare convention, at which the actors perform four plays and a sonnet in a rather unconventional manner. Iggy is out to ruin Burbage, but loses the plot a little towards the end! Almost everyone in this script will have multiple roles to portray. This script features comic (game show) version of A Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo & Juliet, The Taming of the Shrew, and King Lear.
Characters: SO MANY! You can read the script online here if desired:
Time Period: Modern with a 13th-15th Century Influence
Spaces in Class: 15

Final Week Schedule:
Tuesday, April 14: 4:30-8:00pm
Thursday, April 16 6:00-8:00pm
Friday, April 17 (Performance Day): arrive at 2pm(exceptions made for public/private school students when necessary – please message me)
Rehearsal time, lunch, and hair/makeup/costume prep are provided in this performance day time.

Drama Classes – grades 10-12

1/13/15 - 1 space available.
Monday Afternoon/Evening - Little Women
Class Schedule:
January 26 – 4-6pm – Audition Night. Very informal. I want to give the girls the opportunity to present a memorized monologue, present their character wishes, and see how they read as different parts. I WILL be casting this show vs. letting them select their own roles.
February 2 - 4-7pm Blocking
February 9 - 4-7pm Blocking
February 16 - 4-7pm Blocking
Mondays from February 23-April 13 – 4-6pm Normal Rehearsal
April 20 – 4-7pm Casual Dress Rehearsal
April 27 – 4-8pm Dress Rehearsal
April 28 – 5-8pm Dress Rehearsal
April 30 – 5-8pm Dress Rehearsal
May 1 – please keep free if at all possible in case another rehearsal is NEEDED.
May 2 – 1:00pm – Arrival at Church
May 2 – 7:00pm - Performance
This version of Little Women features only female characters and covers about half of the typical story of the four March sisters (it ends when Father returns home from the Civil War; after Beth has been ill, but prior to her death; when Meg has just become engaged and Amy is told she may go to Europe with Aunt March).
Characters: Jo, Meg, Beth, Amy, Marmee, Aunt March, Hannah, Aunt Carroll, Sally Moffatt
Time Period: Civil War, 1860’s.
Spaces in Class: 8

If there are NOT 8 upper level high school students interested, 3 of the spaces (which will be the designated smaller roles) may be filled by anyone age 12+. Siblings will receive these spaces first if desired. Rate for taking a smaller part is reduced to typical teen registration vs. upper high school class.

Feel free to contact me with questions!