AGDT Summer 2014 Kids Class Registration Information

Feel free to pass on the word about AGDT to any homeschool support groups or friends who may be interested!  Thank you!  

Please make sure to read ALL the information below - several things have changed.

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Discounted Tuition is available. 

Drama Class Only - $80
Knitting Club Only - $35
Craft Club Only - $40
Knitting Club + Craft Club - $70
Drama Class + Knitting Club - $110
Drama Class + Craft Club - $115
Drama Class + Knitting Club + Craft Club - $148


Spring 2014 Class Information

1 Space Remaining - 5/16/14 12:45pm
Tuesday A (12:30-2:00pm)Felicity's Dancing Shoes - Based on Felicity's Dancing Shoes by Valerie Tripp. Felicity thinks that graceful slippers are the answer to all of her dancing woes, so she secretly borrows her sister's shoes to improve her practicing. She ends up in a world of trouble when the shoes go missing, but learns that her dancing improves more with practice than anything else. We'll be learning the Minuet during this class. Character opportunities include Felicity, Elizabeth, Annabelle, Mother, Miss Manderly, and Nan. There are 6 spaces available in this class.

CLASS IS FULL. 5/10/14 12:45pm Tuesday B (3:00-4:30pm)A Most Exceptional Bridesmaid - Based on the short story Samantha Saves The Wedding by Valerie Tripp. Samantha is excited to be a bridesmaid in her uncle's wedding, until a disaster strikes and she must think of a way to save everything! Character opportunities include Samantha, Grandmary, Agnes, Agatha, Cornelia, Mrs. Pitt, and Alice. There are 6 spaces available in this class with one additional "little sister" (age 5-7) role. The little sis role is at a 50% tuition rate.

3 Spaces Remaining - 5/16/14 12:45pm
Thursday A (4:00-5:30pm) - Julie for President! - Based on Changes for Julie by Megan McDonald. Julie decides to run for student body president at her elementary school and faces opposition from Mark – the most popular kid in school! Julie’s deaf friend Joy is her running mate (this will provide some simple sign language learning opportunities for the cast!) and together, Julie and Joy must learn to overcome obstacles as they seek to win the election. Character opportunities include - Julie, Joy, Ivy, Mrs. Duncan/Tracy, Mark/Mom, Angela, Amanda, and Alison. There are 8 spaces available in this class. Little sisters (ages 5-7) can cameo during the performance as extra students in Julie's classroom.

The classes will begin on June 10 (Tuesday classes) / May 29 (Thursday classes) and run weekly through July 29 / July 31. Thursday class note: there are NO classes on June 12 or June 26. The 8th and final rehearsal will be on Tuesday, July 29 / Thursday, July 31 at the church. The class times all remain the same.

I would prefer for any student to only miss a maximum of 2 practices. While it’s not a requirement, it would be best for everyone involved if the full class can attend the first practice on June 10 or May 29. This will be the day we pick parts for the play.

The plays will be performed at Faith Baptist Church in Lees Summit, MO. The performance of all classes will be on Saturday, August 2, at 3:00pm.   

The girls will need to arrive at the church at 9:30 am for a final dress rehearsal on the day of their play. We will have pizza for lunch and have time to do everyone's hair and makeup before it's showtime! 

COSTUME DAY will be on Saturday, June 21 from 10:00am-3:00pm. Each student will need to have a quick costume appointment during this timeframe. This meeting will be at another location in Lees Summit (my parent's house), where my costume collection is housed.  Attendance at Costume Day is mandatory unless arrangements are made at registration. 
Classes will be held at my house in Lees Summit. I will send directions to the enrolled students' families before the classes begin.
Pricing is as follows: $80 for one daughter, $75 each for two daughters, $70 each for three or more daughters. The class cost covers: 17 hours of rehearsal time, one-on-one acting coaching, script, free admission for family and friends to the performance, most costume and prop expenses (with the exception of any personal items such as tights/undershirts), and performance day lunch/snacks. 

Registration/Payment Info:

To register for a class:

1.  Fill out the registration form – click here.

2.  Wait for Confirmation Email. This usually takes me a day or two. :)

3.  Once Confirmation Email is received, submit payment within 3 days. Payment forms accepted are PayPal, Personal Check, or Cash.

If I do not receive the tuition within three days of receipt of confirmation email, your registration will be bumped to the bottom of the class list (which in some cases will mean that it is no longer valid).

The full class fee is required with registration (if this is a problem, let me know and I’m sure we can work something out – it is a requirement due to problems I have had in past semesters). Your registration and payment will hold your space in the class. Note that the number of spaces is limited and will be filled first-come, first-serve, in the order I receive the registrations.  You can still email/call to ask about availability, but I can't hold spaces without your registration. 

The registration deadline for these classes is Friday, May 23Click here for the registration form!

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